PAT Testing Price List

Our current price guide is detailed below, as I am sure you will notice our prices are far lower than your average electricians prices, this is because we specialise only in PAT testing which keeps are prices down.

Our price includes:

– Careful visual inspection of equipment.
– Electrical test following IEE guidelines appropriate to the equipment under test.
– Pass and Fail labels for all items
– Certificates and reports
– Note taken of any potential electrical safety problems observed in the course of testing – you will be informed of any concerns so that you can deal with them as you see fit.

Single Items

For single or very few items you can bring them to us to test at a cost of £2.50 per item

Hiring From Us

If you are hiring a system from ourselves and need some of your items tested we can PAT test any of your items for just 50p per item up to 20 items.

We Come to You

For us to come to you we charge a minimum price of £80.00 (which covers up to 40 PAT tests after which the below price becomes applicable).

Price per item*

51 – 500 items – £1.25
500 + items – £1.00

Fuse Replacement 25p
Re-wire Existing plug £1.50
Replacement plug £2.50
Replacement I.E.C LEAD £5.00
Re-test of any repairs FREE